ILK-ON textile has been the largest contributor to the industrialization of sleeping culture by determining the need of this industry by using its information, know-how and contacts in different parts of the World. The importance of high quality, technical expertise, and being customer service oriented enabled ILK-ON to be one of the most ambitious producers in the sleeping industry.  Products with filling ; ”Ball, Nano and Classic fiber, feather & down, memory foam, PU”  are being introduced to the market.  Pillows, quilts, bed mattress pads, bed linen sets, and tablecloths products in home textile are produced for  Corporate customers under their brand. ILK-ON’s most important working principles are customer satisfaction and customer privacy. Our primary aim is to increase the quality standards of many famous domestic and foreign brands and to support them in being successful in home textile.


There are unchanging principles starting from our production to sales. The value given to your Hotel, is actually the value given to your customers. Customer satisfaction is ensured by creating a comfortable environment. Domestic & Local Hotel’s expectations are met by our 100% quality products, produced with care & high technology. We not only, can supply 100% quality products, but also find solution for any special requests.



For nearly half a century, ILK-ON textile has been one of Europe’s leading quilting & filling production facility is based in Istanbul Trakya Free Trade Zone. ILK-ON consistently offers our customers the finest and highest quality in affordable prices. Allowing us to lead the development of the world home textiles.

“In every moment of quality sleep,  we’re there…”



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